Niagara Product Bulletin – 27 de junho de 2012

  • Category: Niagara® streaming systems
  • Subject: Niagara 9100-8A and Niagara 9100-4A released with Niagara SCX® 7.0
  • Part number: 96-01280 (Niagara 9100-8A), 96-01282 (Niagara 9100-4A)
  • Effective: Immediately
  • Products: Niagara
  • Distribution: Sales and Support
  • The Niagara 9100-8A and Niagara 9100-4A systems are now shipping with Niagara SCX 7.0.

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Introduction of new output container format, MPEG2 Transport Stream that supports both MPEG-2and H.264 encoding
  2. MP2 audio encoding when using MPEG-2
  3. Addition of HE-AAC v1 and v2 audio encoding when using Flash and MPEG-4
  4. Easy-to-use web page for electronic registration of the appliance
  5. Embedded O/S updated to allow support iSCSI connections to the appliance
  6. SNMP module to support remote management of encoders
  7. Optimization of Flash encoding to allow streaming and save to file using the same profile
  8. Web client controls to enable/disable presentation of closed captioning
  9. New user interface to define IP routing to specific Ethernet ports
  10. Expansion of video output bit rates up to 25Mbps